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Why you should be shooting a two motion shot For Basketball

I see so many misconceptions around the basketball community on what is a two Motion shot and why it is good or bad to have one. In this article I will be pointing out why it might be time for you to switch to a more traditional type of jump shot, that we have seen from past players such as Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, and the G.O.A.T himself Micheal Jordan.

What Is a Two Motion Shot vs a One Motion Shot?

First off in order to address this we have to first even figure out what is a Two Motion shot vs a One Motion. The Most basic way I could describe this is a one motion shot uses your legs as the primary source of power and the two motion or more traditional Jump Shot uses the persons Jump Momentum and arms as a source of power. Here is some good examples of a two motion shot with Ray Allen- and a one motion with Steph Curry

1. Your Too Strong

Yes this is an issue that can arise with basketball players. See a reason guys like Giannis, Shaq, and even Draymond Green struggle so much with there jump shot is they simply become so strong, that shooting a basketball with touch(like a one motion shot)becomes significantly harder and more difficult because they have so much power from there weight and size that control and precision become that much harder and more difficult. There has even been research done to suggest that weight can effect a players shooting ability so shooting a two motion shot can give you that control of power that will allow you to easily control your shot for more accuracy and stability.

2. You Have Great Positional Size

A perfect example of this would be Shaun Livingston. . You have To realize depending on what level your on whether High School College Or Pro that having Great Positional Size is your gift and having a Jump Shot or two Motion Shot gives you the ability to capitalize on that gift. With the ability to rise above your defender and shoot over him it will be like your defenders isnt even there and will give you easy buckets as the game goes along.

3. Your A Great Athlete

One of the best reasons too have a Two Motion Shot is that your simply a great athlete. I mean if your a player that can easily dunk a basketball or have a high vertical a two motion shot can give you the ability to simply rise over guys no matter the situation especially in the mid range. A reason a guy like Micheal Jordans mid range was so effective is because a lot of the times even when a defender was there he would simply jump over him and shoot it. Being the great athlete he was very few guys would even be able to contest yet alone effect his shot allowing for effortless scoring at will.

A second reason Great athletes should have a two motion shot is if your the type of player that likes to get to the rim a lot. As a player that gets to the rim a lot teams and opponents are naturally going to become more aware of this and sprint to the spot your trying to go and cut you off. Having a two motion jump shot will easily allow you to stop on a dime and use that forward momentum to rise into a jump shot a great example of this is Russel Westbrook

4.You Just Had a Body Transformation

I know one is going to sound crazy but if your a typical one motion shooter like most players are and you lets say just gained 10-15 pounds of muscle over an off season(which is a dramatic increase of muscle) your going to see a lot of negative side effects in your shooting. Since the one motion shot relies so much on touch and finesse having a dramatic increase in muscle mass strength or height will be like learning a whole new skill, that's why you see players like Steph Curry or J.J Redick never having these crazy body transformations because they know it will become a totally different shot and the mechanics will be all off. But on the contrary building muscle mass actually makes a two motion shot quite a bit easier because it allows you to shoot from further distances and control your shot more effortlessly because you have time to adjust in the air. You should also have a two motion shot if your a two sport athlete in football for example because most likely your types of workouts will be gaining quite a lot of muscle. Here is a great video explaining this type of muscle gain and its effects on shooting

So while for most players I would recommend the more modern style of shooting we see from guys like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and James Harden. There are certain players or circumstances where you should be utilizing and taking advantage of a two motion jump shot.

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