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Why Do I Miss So Many Layups In Games

Oh yes maybe one of the most embarrassing things to happen to a Hooper. Maybe you just got a steal on the fast break, Or your teammate just threw you a dime that needled through the defense you go up expecting an easy two and you smoke it. As you realize the easiest too points of the game just came right of the box score and straight into a miss field goal on your stats sheet, you then to proceed to hear the crowd moan and your heart sink. You then think yourself why in the heck do I miss so many layups in games. Just how could this possibly be. Well in this article I will be giving 5 easy things you can implement to greatly reduce you missing so many layups in games.

1. You haven't devolved a system

Lets look at the root of the problem here if you were in incapable of making a layup you wouldn't even be on the article asking why I miss so many layups in games. It would be pretty obvious you haven't had enough reps or your just not good at basketball. Developing a system means whenever your in the situation to make an easy layup either of one foot or two or off a catch or dribble you have a logical go to point you can easily remember when that situation arises. For example if the feeling of fear arises as your going into a layup remember to lay the ball up at a specific spot in the corner of the backboard or focus on a specific part of the rim. That way instead of freezing or thinking about all the things that can go wrong you put your mind on a specific focused target that doesn't allow all those negative thoughts to come in.

2. You haven't practiced situations that arise in games

This might sound like old couch talk we have all heard in every practice "You have to practice game speed" or "stop shooting threes and focus on the paint" and while there are truths in those statements its definitely not that simple. See for example lets say you missed a layup where your teammate through you a ball with a lot of speed and you have too quickly catch and fire up a quick layup before the others teams tallest guy tries to block you, 99% percent of you hoppers reading this I guaranteed have never practiced a situation like that. So in order for you to practice a situation that might arise like that, next time you go into a gym and rep your layup package mix it up and use your imagination to envision game like situations and focus on some of the layups you have struggle with in the past.

3. Your Just Too Excited

It can be one the best feeling in the world, that sudden boost of energy you get when your about to score whether of a pass or a great drive to the rim. While that energy can drive and even propel hoppers to have the scorers instinct it can also be a double edged sword because in reality the job is not done. A way to overcome missing so many layups in games is too remember that there are thousands of plays in a game and a reality of why you miss so many easy shots is because if that thought does arises of excitement or fear of missing you put so much importance on this shot that it actually effects your mechanics and ability as a whole. An easy inner technique is too tell yourself before a game, on the bench or even in a game stoppage that there are hundreds if not thousands of plays during a game and one miss doesn't have to impact my overall performance of me helping my team to victory.

I hope This article can give you some good insights or information to help you know why your missing to many layups in games

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