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Why Do I miss So Many Free Throws In Games

The Dreaded Free throw. A lot of hoppers especially the younger generation struggle with this seemingly simple shot. I mean its the only shot in basketball where variables like defenders and court positioning go completely out the window. And yet so many people can go 80 or even 90% in practice consistently but when it comes to game time shoot closer to 60, 50% or even worse. So Why is this Why do I miss so many free throws in games when in practice I rarely miss. Ill be giving you a couple easy solutions you can implement today to increase those percentages.

1. Your Practice And Play Are Vastly Different

What Do I mean by your practice and play are vastly different, well its simple when your in a gym by yourself there are two very important factors that make that free throw and a free throw in a game vastly different. Pressure and your tired. An easy way to overcome pressure is by playing in more pressured situations. Ways to pressure yourself in practice is to play with a group of people to simulate game in game situations. Or one of our favorite ways here at detailed basketball is to play pressure free throw games. Like with a partner of even by yourself you can play any game from 7 on line, where each player who makes a free puts one point on the line and the first person to seven loses, or just a simple as for every missed free throw out of 10 equals one suicide. That way you simulate the pressure of not wanting to run and simultaneously shooting free throws when you are tired.

2. Your routine is different

One of the easiest fixes any player can make to there game when it comes to free throw shooting is actually practicing the routine like they do in the games. I see so many players having different routines in practice then they do in games. They work there whole off season on free throws and then once season comes around they totally abandoned it. You have to have an understanding when practing from experience what feels best to you in games and stick to it. If you like to dribble three times then spin and shoot then do that in a game. Everything needs to be the same including the time from which the ref hands you the ball to when you decide to shoot.

3. You Might going to fast on your shot

Yes you read that right, you actually might be going to fast on your free throws. A mistake i see a lot of players make especially at the line is shoot exactly the same way they do as a non free throw shot. Now while that might seem counter intuitive to some coaches the reality is they are completely different shots and circumstances. A regular shot requires much more quickness and pressure than a free throw. Take advantage of the benefits of the line. Look at any NBA player for example Steph Curry. He might have one of the quickest shot of all time but doesn't nearly shoot as quick on the free throw line

I Hope these can give you some quick easy simple tips on why you might be missing too many shots on the free throw line

Struggling with your shot it might be time to change things up

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