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How To Shoot A Step Back In Basketball

One of the most popular shots in the modern game and for good reason. A step back jumper can allow you to easily get shots over taller defenders, and virtually give you a chance to score at all times no matter your positioning on the court. In this article we will be giving you some of the tips and secrets some of the best step back shooters use like Harden, and Luka Doncic. So you can learn how to shoot a step back in basketball more effectively and efficiently.

1. Being on balance

While this might seem like a hard task considering the explosive nature of this movement, its important to note being on balance on your shot and being stationary are completely different in terms of basketball. If you notice James Harden on all his step backs usually isn't completely still during his shot. But what he does do is step back and align his hips which is something most coaches will call the "turn". If you do not already know what the turn is it is when a player goes up to shoot ,he aligns his hips and shoulder to the hoop, this allows for shooters to be more accurate with there shots and greatly reduce there chance of missing to the left of right. That is why on a step back most of the time you will always see Harden stepping back to his right and Lukas steps back primarily to his left. This is because this allows a player to align to the hoop much quicker and faster. A step back on your dominant side would lead a player to having to align his hips in midair or taking more time to get his shot off. To learn more about the turn here is a useful link down below to help you shoot a step back in basketball.

2. Rhythm

Just like anything in basketball do what feels comfortable for you, everyone's different. What might feel great for you might feel completely uncomfortable to another player. What is so great about the step back is the amount of various ways you can do it. I can not really explain how to get in rhythm because its completely up to you. For example guys like Luka and Lerbon like to do one hard dribble in the ground and then step back and shoot, while James Harden prefers to go between the legs for his step back. The beauty of it is that you get to decide. Practice against other players and try out different methods, techniques or dribble combinations and see what works best for you.

3. Be A One Motion Shooter

The step back jumper is like the pull up jumper for one motion shooters. If you do not already know a one motion shot is a shot where you release the ball before the top of your jump aka (early release timing) for example guys like steph, Kevin Durrant, and James harden are all one motion shooters. Where two motion shooter are guys like, Kobe, Micheal Jordan, and Ray Allen, shots where you shoot at the apex of your jump. The reason I say the step back is the pull up jumper for one motion shooters is because both shots are used when the defender is trying to cut you off. The step back is so effective because it allows you to get space from your defender and control your power much better since essentially your stepping away from the basket. Being a two motion shooter on a step back is so hard because as a two motion shooter your already decreasing your power input as it is by realizing at the top of your jump and not using your legs as power. Vise versa a reason you see a lot of one motion shooters not taking traditional pull up jumpers is because they have too much power which makes shooting more difficult, that is why you see guys like Steph operating with plays like floaters or step backs. Where Micheal Jordan tends to do more pull up elevating jump shots. A lot of players use both like Kyrie, or Lillard, but if were talking about step backs you should be shooting them as a one motion fluid shot. For a better understanding of how to shoot a step back and how and why players shoot a two motion shot check the link below.

4. Setting It Up

The Truth of the matter is none of the tips above matter much if you cannot set up a step back jumper properly. Now while a step back is a very hard thing to guard like anything it get easier if the defender is not on his toes and second guessing himself. Simply put the step back is most effective if the defender thinks your going to drive to the hoop. The reason James Hardens step back is so difficult to guard is because he is so good at getting to the rim. Now i am not saying you have to have hardens handles or driving ability but you do have to find some way of selling the drive to make the step back effective. That is why you see a lot of step backs when a defender is sprinting back in position or a player just did a quick crossover and the defender had to react.

I hope this article gave you some ideas and methods on how to shoot a step back in basketball thanks for reading, and keeping hooping my friends.

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