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How To Quickly Become Good At Basketball

So you want to quickly become good at basketball. Maybe your a younger player just wanting to play with your friends, a high school athlete trying to make the team, or an adult who just wants to become a respectable player at your local YMCA. This article will give you some simple tricks and tips to help you become a respectable player even with limited time or experience.

1. Be a maniac on the court

Now this might sound like a weird way to put it but the quickest way to really stand out on a court even without basketball experience is your hustle. We forget that even the best players on the court don't have the ball in there hands most of the time. This doesn't even require great athleticism or basketball knowledge anyone can set a screen, get rebounds and annoy the other teams best player. Doing the little things on the court can go a long way for your team, and just by the very nature of this play you will stand from a crowd because other players just don't want to do it, especially the ones with more experience.

2. Practicing Layups And The Basics

A lot of good players overlook this simple part of the game, they think they mastered this simple task when in reality this is something that any player at any level should always practice. The reason I bring up layups is especially since you are in your early stages of being a hooper its probably going to be harder for you to break down players off the dribble and get those crazy dribbling highlights we see on ESPN. But that can be to your advantage as well. So many players leave points off there averages by always wanting the ball in there hands and not emphasizing enough of the "dirty points" as we like to call it. Running out in transition, off ball cutting, tip ins, offensive rebounds, are ways you can get easy buckets and quickly become great at basketball. A little secret about some off the best players and scorers is that they can get easy 10-15 points a game by these nitty gritty type of scoring plays, its just we see all there step backs or crazy moves and we think that's the only way they score which is far from the truth. There a plenty of ways to impact the game without scoring and most of the time they come down to heart vs all the skills you posses on a basketball court. If you need help with your finishing and notice your missing a lot of layups in games here's a helpful link.

3. Getting In Shape

Now the points above do not matter what so ever if your not in shape. Its going to be very hard to hustle and make layups when you can barley walk out there. Again since you are relatively new to basketball any seasoned basketball player will tell you that being in shape and basketball shape are totally different. Not only do you have to apply your slow witch fibers(for long distance) but also your fast twitch fibers) for more explosive movements. That is why it is important when you do play to simply do the best you can to get in shape while your out there, and since you might not be on a court that often having sprints and other fast movements Incorporated to your conditioning workouts will go a long way in making you a better basketball player quickly.

4. Being A Good Teammate

This is by far the easiest and maybe most worth while thing you can do as a basketball player. While this might sound like a simple task it actually can be quite difficult. See its easy to be be a good teammate when everything is going well but starting out things are not going to be going well. Your going to miss shots make dumb mistakes but these are the opportunities to become a better basketball player quickly. A way of being a good basketball teammate is to communicate. Guys like Draymond Green have made a career and even been an all star and NBA Champion from doing this simple practice. It can be something as simple as "keep your head up man you will make the next one" or telling your teammate a screen is coming. Being encouraging even when things are not going your way or even when your teams not playing well, will not only separate you as a player but just as a human being in general. A reason sports is such a great thing is because how it can translate to life. You might not be the next Lebron, or Kobe but you can be a great person. Starting out a quick way to become a good basketball player is to embody and embrace being a good human being out there. You might not being hitting fadeaways or dunking on people but just like a posterizing dunk can energize and help your team, encouragement and positivity can do that just as much if not more.

I hope this article can give you a better understanding about basketball and how to quickly become a better basketball player, and show that you still can make your impact on a game even with out all the talent in the world. Good luck out there and have fun Hooping!

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