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How To Increase My Points Per Game In Basketball


This is a question I get all the time and for good reason too. Lets be honest the guy who usually scores all the points is the one people look at or the one who tends to get all the glory and praise. In this article I will be giving you basic tips to increase your scoring over night. This article wont be going over some of the obvious things like being a better shooter and getting a higher vertical. Instead I want to give you some secrets on the instinct these scorers have and what might separate them from your typical average player.

1. They Get To The Line

Guys like James Harden, Lebron, and Lillard, all get to the free throw line at really high clips. An easy way to get to the line more is understanding how to initiate contact. Kyrie, and Curry are great examples of this practice, notice how every time they get a step on a defender or have an angle for a layup they use there body to attack the defender. This can easily draw fouls on your opponent and if you weren't blessed with a 40 inch vertical this also greatly disrupts your opponents shot blocking ability and there ability to get off the ground. That is how you see Stephen Curry and other small guard finishing over taller bigger players with high efficiency. Notice how a guy like Isiah Thomas only standing 5'9 can finish over 7 footers in the NBA

2. Getting The Dirty Points

Now this might not exactly be the most glamorous topic but the truth of the matter is we are all humans and some nights your shooting is gonna be off or your not gonna be in the right rythem or head space. Getting the dirty points is all about the points that won't show up on the highlight reels. Examples being tip ins, offensive rebounds, floaters, and cutting. I talk about this in an article intended for beginners but its important to get back to the basics . Guys like Tim Duncan or Scottie Pippen are great examples of this. Great all time players and good efficient scorers even though most of there scoring was not exactly the most exciting.

3. Utilizing Off Ball Movement

Like i said maybe not the most glamorous thing to say but some of the best scorers to ever play score many of there points like this. Lets look at an example of two different players, Steph Curry and Kyrie, this may not be a unpopular opinion but if you look from the top down Kyrie is probably a tad better offensively in terms of an isolation type of scorer. But in recent years Steph Curry has proven to be the slightly better scorer. Now i am not saying that having the ball in your hands doesn't increase your scoring opportunities because it does. But a reason Steph is such a hard player to guard is because without the ball he is just as dangerous if not more then when he has the ball in his hands. I am not saying that you have to be as good of a shooter as Curry to get scoring opportunities, you can set off ball screens back cut or run the lanes correct in transition. The important thing to remember is to be just as aggressive without the ball as you are with the ball in your hands because your equally as dangerous.

4. Defense

I know ,not exactly the type of thing you wanted to here if you want to score more points in a basketball game, but having a great defensive game can easily translate to scoring more. Firstly, when your team is playing better defense that means more misses and more fast break opportunities for you. Playing better defense can also get you more involved and in a rythem . We as hoopers all know locking down our assignment for the night can give you that extra boost of energy that allows us to feel more energetic and excited. Logically speaking most coaches are going to play a player longer and more frequently the better defense you play. Nothing will ensure more playing time than good help side defense, a steal, or every coaches favorite a charge. Obviously more playing time will mean more opportunities to score more points in your basketball game.

Thanks for reading I hope this article gave you a better perspectives on the type of details and secrets the best scorers use to score more points in a basketball game.

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