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5 Tips To Get More Blocks In Basketball

Getting a block in basketball can be one of the best feeling a player can feel. To get more blocks you need to be able to understand, angles, timing, positioning, and have an ability to react quickly and precisely. In this article, I will be breaking down some tips and tricks you need to have to block more shots in basketball.

1. Timing

Timing a players shot is a great way to get more blocks in basketball because you don't have to be 7 feet or have a 40 inch vertical, to get blocks if you have good timing.

Timing a block all comes down to jumping at the same time your opponent is about to jump. To be more effective a timing a block you cannot be predictable out their, your opponent is not going to be dumb either and if you seem way too overzealous or excited he is going to pump fake you or take a different angle to where you cannot block his shot. Going to early or too late will result in less blocks.

So do not be predictable, one method I have seen done over and over again is something I like to call the bait and explode method. Simply put the bait and explode method is when your in a relaxed position and then all the sudden you explode up and block your opponents shot.

This works so effectively because your opponent is going to want to get a shot off if they see you relaxed. that is your opportunity to rise up and block his shot. Just make sure if you bait your opponent like this that you will be able to block his shot in the end. This is a technique not just used in basketball as well we see this in football where a defense will act like someone is open and then intercept the ball.

Timing also has to do with understanding your opponents positioning on the court, if you see your opponent will be having to take a euro step or a couple moves before he can go into his layup or shot, then that is when you need to decide and jump up with him.

2. Blocking The Shot Where The Ball Is Going

I see this mistake constantly with basketball players who want to block more shots. Remember do not put your hands where the ball is, put your hands where the ball is going.

This is especially true if you do not have the best positioning on the court at the moment. Lets say your opponent is going for a layup and your late on a recovery, your jump to block that shot should be to the place he wants to put the ball not at your opponent.

What is so great about this method is that it can overcome and be the great equalizer to athleticism or lack or height. A reason for this is because by knowing where the ball is going you can block your opponents shot without fully jumping with him. By Understanding this better you will be able to do this earlier and earlier and still be able to block shots against bigger and more athletic opponents on the basketball court.

See the image above shows this beautifully instead of blocking and going into your opponent he blocked to where the shot was going to be.

3. Positioning

When trying to go for a block you need to have you and your opponent in the right position in order to get more blocks. Here are some few tricks and tips to help you position your self in better position to block a shot.

Mirror method- The mirror method is when you change your positioning, posture, and movements to match your opponent at all times. For example if he is jumping into that does not mean jumping into him, that means staying attached, and taking the same path to the hoop as he is.

For example if your opponent is driving to the rim and your meeting him there staying attached while also giving him a little space allows you to be able to react quicker to any jumps or shot attempts by your opponent.

Making Your Opponent uncomfortable- What I mean by this is not letting your opponent get the proper footing or run up to be able to finish on you. For example if your opponent is driving to the rim and your coming off to help, meet him at a spot where he doesn't have the optimal footing to be able to rise and make a layup or shot. A lot of time this means meeting him farther away from the basket.

4. Angles

When going for a block shot in basketball it is also important to understand angles so you can know when, where, and how you can block your opponents shot in that situation.

For example, if you are behind your player on a play, the angle your going to have to take is going to need to be a more direct line to the hoop.

Another example is if your opponent and you are in the lane then it is time to jump more vertical and stay in front of your defender

Pro Tip: There is this move in basketball for blocks I like to call the swivel, it basically involves jumping and curving around your opponent, and going directly for the ball before they even take their jump. This especially works great against big man, or a player taking a three point shot.

5. Predicting and knowing Your Opponent

This involves understanding the game and predicting what your opponent will have to do in order to score over your defense. Understanding this will help you get more blocks without fouling, more consistently.

Knowing Your Opponent- This comes down to simple basketball IQ but this could not be more important when trying to get a block. For example, if your facing a guy who is very skilled and likes lots of floaters and touch layups, you need to be able to identify that and understand those are the types of shots he is going to take.

That is why especially if your playing on a higher level, watching film and knowing your opponents tendencies and favorite shots and moves is vital too getting more blocks. There is no better way to predict a players future action than his past actions, knowing this will help put you in better positioning to get more blocks.

Understanding your opponents positioning- Its important in basketball especially on defending for blocks to put your opponent in your shoes when playing. Think about it if you understand what your opponent will have to do in order to score, and get a shot over you, then you can better understand and predict where their going with the ball and block there shot.

For example I notice a lot of times if your opponent beat you off the dribble most players like to go for a reverse layup. Understanding that, you can use your timing, jump to where the ball is going, angle towards him, and position yourself to jump and block your opponents shot on there layup attempt.

How To Practice Shot Blocking

This might sound crazy, but a great way to practice being a better shot blocker is too play on a smaller hoop and lower the rim. A reason I think this is a great way to block more shots in basketball is because this better allows you to understand certain positioning, and angles you will have to take in order to block more shots. No better way to become a better shot blocker than by practicing the skill in its self.

A fun drill you can use is something I like to call meet me at the rim. This is a fun drill you can use against friends, teammates.

Shot Blocking Drill

-have each person start at a certain position on the court

- meet at the hoop at the same time

- dunks or finish is worth 1

- blocks are worth one

- first person to 5 wins

Just make sure when using this to be safe and have fun.

Let me know how you guys manage to get more blocks, and what tips and tricks you have noticed, some of the best shot blocker use.

As always keep hooping my friends.

For more information on how to score over taller defenders check out the link below.

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