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How To Draw More Fouls In Basketball

Drawing fouls can be one of the easiest ways to get you extra points as a player, and really add to your point per game totals. To Draw fouls in basketball you need to be aggressive, understand positioning, and have an ability to anticipate your defenders next move.

In this article I will be breaking down all the ways you as a player, can draw more fouls and get to the line more often.

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1. Getting To The Paint

Obviously in order to get to the line, your going to need to be a player who can get to the paint.

This does not always have to be on a drive, this can be on a post up, or even moving off ball, whether that is in transition, or off a back cut.

Getting to the paint, dramatically increases your chance of getting fouled in basketball. Sometimes you just need to be creative about it.

If your struggling with blowing by your defender and getting to the paint, check out this article on how to blow by your defender in basketball.

2. Don't hesitate

If your a player wanting to draw more fouls in basketball, it is important not to hesitate. I am not saying you need to be selfish and not look for your teammates, but what I am saying is, if your going up for a layup, dunk, or any shot in general, you have to follow through all the way.

Even if you made the wrong decision and wish you did not go up, your best bet is too follow through and not hesitate. Think about it, so many players and defenders are so quick to get too excited, and foul there opponent. By going up strong, and not hesitating you are much more likely to get that foul call from the referee.

3. Talk With Referee

So many players overlook this part of getting foul calls. Remember Refs are the people deciding whether or not your going to the line or not.

Talking to the ref could be as simple as telling him your defender is fouling you every time you go, up or asking him to look out for certain things.

Or letting the ref know he is grabbing your jersey. Whatever it is, make sure to let the ref know what is happening and what to look out for. Remember The squeaky wheel gets the grease. And this could not be more true when it comes to drawing fouls in basketball.

Another simple tip I have seen, is being nice to the ref. I know it sounds silly, but like I said the ref is human too. While it should not matter either way if a ref likes you or not, on a sub conscious level it might. So it might not be the worst idea to play nice, and win the ref over.

4. Selling The Contact

This goes into simple physiology, think about it, when we see a player yell or fall back, we immediately assume he's had some contact.

I am not saying to flop, not at all, by what I am saying is if you get hit, don't try and absorb it all, let the ref see you got hit on your drive or shot attempt.

This is a reason why guys like Shaq often did not get a lot of foul calls, since he was so big, any foul that would cause a normal player to go flying, Shaq wouldn't even be fazed or move.

So keep that in mind, if you get fouled and the ref did not see it, sell it a bit, and see if that helps get you to the line more.

5. Understand Player Positioning

What I mean by understanding player positioning, is understanding where your defender is, in relation to you. This helps so much with drawing fouls, as it gives you a better understanding of how, and what you need to do, in order to get that foul call.

For example lets say your playing against a player and they are on the left side of your body, and you are going in for a layup. By understanding he is going to try to go across your body, you then can go into him and draw the foul.

The basic premise of this is knowing what your defender is going to have to do in order to block you or contest your shot, by understanding this, you can make the correct adjustments to finish or draw the foul.

James Harden is an excellent example of this, he is a player who knows where he can draw contact and the foul call.

Check out the video below to see how James Harden Uses and understands positioning to draw more fouls in basketball.

6. Understand Who You Are Playing Against

This is vital when it comes to drawing more fouls in basketball. This can vary from player to player.

For example if your playing against a really aggressive guard, who likes to reach in, then when driving toward the hoop, it would be a good idea to look for that, and extend your arm into the defenders arms.

Again every player is different so a great way of understanding players tendencies is too watch film, or even notice how he plays against other defenders so you can draw more fouls.

7. Initiate Contact

By initiating contact, you are putting the power back in your hands as a player. To draw that foul, more likely than not your going to have to attack the defender. By going in weak, you are just increasing the chances of getting your shot blocked, or putting up a poor shot.

Initiating contact also makes it harder for a player to get blocked, while also putting more pressure on the defense, and the referee to make the call.

Here is a great video explaining the importance of how to initiate contact, on all your finishes, which will go a long way in drawing fouls on your defender.

8. Great Moves To Draw Fouls

Its important to utilize certain moves and techniques that can get you more opportunities at the foul line.

Pump Fake- No doubt the pump fake is one the easiest and best ways to draw more fouls in basketball. Just by the very nature of this move, getting a defender in the air, they are at your mercy.

You can easily drive by for a basket, or just go into them for an easy foul call. This does not just have to be in the paint either, you see many NBA players doing this from the three point line and beyond.

For examples of NBA players doing this check out the video below

Euro Step- The euro step is actually an excellent move to draw fouls because of its ability to avoid charges. Its hard to get foul calls, when your the one being called for the foul. By mastering the euro step this allows you to step through charges and draw more fouls.

Check out the video below to give you a better idea of how to use the euro step to get more foul calls.


As you can see there are many different ways you can increase your chance of going to the line, and drawing more foul calls. Let me know any tricks or tips that you use to get more foul calls. Thank you for reading, and as always keep hooping my friends


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