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How To Blow By Your Defender in Basketball

Blowing by a defender in basketball can sometimes seem like an easy task and other times it feels like your feet are stuck in concrete and your running into a brick wall. In this article I will be giving you some basic tips to get to the rim with more ease and consistency.

1. Changing Elevation

There is this old notion in basketball that you have to stay low when driving to the hoop, and while it is true that getting low does help, when blowing by a defender its important to mix up going high and low. This is because being high and low tell different things to your defenders and always keeps them guessing. For example being high and in a standing position will relax a defender and going low will help you keep a defender on your hip and slither past him. Its not just enough to make a move or change speeds you have to give your defender different looks with your elevation. Which will help you blow by a defender easier and with less effort or force.

2. Utilizing Lateral Movement And Space

This is something not so obvious to some players but it is true. Any player will tell you that it is easier to score in space and i know this might not always be possible depending on your teams spacing or opponents help side. But if you do have space it is important to use that space, an easy way you can do that is using lateral movements and side steps. This makes you harder to guard because your giving your self more space and variety. You also keep you and your defender moving which allows you to dictate the pace.

3. Being A Threat To Shoot

You Don't have to be Steph Curry, or Damian Lillard to be a threat to shoot out there. For example a guy like Tony Parker, even though he could't shoot that far from the basket he was a good enough shooter that teams had to respect him out there which allowed him to blow by his defenders. Just even taking a couple jump shots can give the defender enough respect to guard you farther from the basket.

4. Hesitation!

Maybe the most important and fun part of basketball. If you do not already know what a hesitation is it is basically when a player pauses for a moment and then makes his move. This can be a pause for your shot or a pause before you quickly blow by your defender. What makes a hesitation so exciting is that it can completely freeze your defender and give you all the control and dictate what happens next. This is a great move in transition and you can vary it anyway you want. The key is too change your speed and elevation to get by your defender. Search up highlights of Jamal Crawford or Kyrie Irving they are the masters of this move and get easy blow by opportunities due to this move.

5. Knowing When To Drive

Its important to note that knowing when to drive is just as important how how to blow your defender. This is because there are easy circumstances and scenarios that make blowing by your defender much easier. One such scenario would be on a close out, this is an easy scenario to blow by your defender because your defender is going to have all his momentum going towards you, and if you drive past him it will be much harder for him to switch his course and cut you off on the drive. A second situation where you should look to blow by your defender is in transition this is because the defense if not set and your defender if most likely going to be on his back foot. Which allows you to get down hill and be the more explosive athlete and attack your defenders backward momentum with your forward momentum.

Thank you for reading, remember to keep practicing and seeing what works for you. The best teacher is experience and learning to blow by your defender comes with practice and work. Keep hooping my friends and good luck out there.

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