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How Long Does It Take To Learn Basketball?

Basketball like many other activities can seem daunting and even impossible to learn especially at the beginning of one's hoop journey. But this can be overcome by proper practice and repetition as time goes on.

Learning basketball can depend a lot on a person's age athletic ability and dedication. But I would say to learn the fundamentals of basketball will take about a year, and to truly master the game will take a couple of years if not more depending on the number of repetitions and practice you get daily and weekly.

The amount of time this will take is not linear and can have a bunch of factors involved. For example, being effective at basketball is different from learning more advanced skills.

A lot of players in the NBA are not the most skilled players but since they are tall and athletic they can still be effective on the court. A great example of this would be a player like Dennis Rodman. Even though he didn't have the skills you would think a typical basketball player would need to have he was still a hall of Famer due to his defense and rebounding abilities, which are things that take very little time to master.

Below I will be going over the different facets of the game and how long each of these will take to master so you can get a good idea of how long it will take to really become a good overall player. As well as other factors that will determine the speed at which you can learn.


Shooting is one of those skills in basketball that can take years to really master and develop. But not all shots are equal when it comes to the given amount of time it will take to master.

For example, basic layups can be mastered in as little as 2-3 months, but things like three-pointers or fadeaways can take years to master.

The amount of time it takes to learn how to shoot also depends on the difficulty of shots you're trying to master. For example, learning how to shoot a set three-pointer is going to be very different from learning how to shoot a step-back three.

The best advice I would give to learning how to shoot is to get as many reps as possible with each type of shot. As well as studying techniques and methods that will work best for you.

For more articles and information on how to shoot different shots check out the links below.


Bank Shot

Creating Your Own Shot

Mid Range Shot


Basic dribbling can be learned in as little as a month, but more advanced dribbling like between the legs or behind the back can take a substantially longer time to learn especially if you are just starting out.

Another part of dribbling that can be hard to learn is learning to dribble going at high speeds and through tight spaces. This can be hard to learn in practice by yourself.

That is why I always recommend players not only learn the game by practicing a lone but also learn by going against competition in game or pick up situations.

For more how to on dribbling check out the link below


Basketball IQ

If you do not already know basketball Iq is defined by knowing what plays to make at certain times in a game given the situation.

This is very important and can be the difference between being a player who is very talented vs a great player.

Chris Paul is an excellent example of someone who has a high basketball IQ.

Examples of basketball IQ.

- Knowing how to space the floor

- knowing when to shoot and pass

- Understanding your teammates game

- knowing when and where to move off ball

Developing basketball IQ is generally something that can take years to develop. This is accelerated by playing in game situations and being someone who really studies the game.

One great way of developing basketball Iq is watching basketball. Just by watching basketball and other great players you can then get a sense of what you need to do if your in a similar situation.

For a great video breaking down basketball IQ check out the video below.


What is so great about defense and rebounding for beginners is this is something that can be learned very quickly. While there are certain teqniques and ways that do take time to master overall both of these areas of the game can be controlled by your effort and ability to play aggressive.

From what I have seen you can learn these skills in as little as a week or even a couple days once you get the foundation to both of these things down. Just remember both of these areas of the game or primarily effort, so if you have that then these two things will come quickly and quit naturally.

For links on rebounding and defense check out the links below.



Guarding Taller Players


When talking about the physical this comes down to how long it will take your body to adjust to the physical demands basketball will require.

While there are things in basketball that depend a lot on genetics like height. There are other physical demands that can be learned in the game of basketball.

For example being in shape is one thing you will need to have to be effective at the game of basketball. This depends a lot on where you are already at in terms of your physical abilities but the arobic part can take your body a month or two to really get used to.

Another area that will take your body some time to getting used to is learning how to explode in short bursts. This is important because basketball is a game that involves a lot of explosive movements. From jumping to driving to the basket.

For ways to work on the physical part of the game check out the links below.

Vertical Jump

Getting In shape

Upper Body Exercises

Pylometric Exercises

Leg Exercises For Basketball

Rules Of Basketball

Learning the basic rules of basketball can be a little bit of a learning curve especially if you have no prior experience. Learning these rules can take as little as one week or a month depending on the ammount of time you practice.

One thing I do recommend players do especially when starting out is to have someone with a little more experience show them the ropes, having one on one instruction like this can make the whole process go much quicker.

Below is a great video explaining some of the basic rules of basketball you might need to know.


As you can see the time it can take to learn basketball an greatly vary and differ, but one thing to point out is with patienence and ernousness almost anyone can learn the basics of basketball and have fun on the court.

Thank you for reading and as always keep hooping my friends.

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