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5 Tips To Do A Euro Step In Basketball (Step By Step)

The Euro Step Is one of the best moves in basketball for creating space when you are looking to finish at the basket.

A euro step is a move where you step to one side of your defender and then quickly shift your body to the other side by hoping and stepping outside of them.

If done right this move is designed to shift your defender in the opposite direction of where you will be taking your shot attempt.

This move is great in transition and can offer you a simple way to create space at the basket against your defender.

In this article, I will be going over a step-by-step guide as well as so tricks you can use to really master this move and make it more effective as a whole.

1. Dribbling At Your Defender

When Dribbling at your defender make sure you are at a comfortable enough speed to where you could drop on a dime and switch in the other direction.

Pro Tip: You also might want to attack your defender going straight on the basket.

This is because in order to use the Euro Step you're going to need to have enough space to do so. And if you are on the baseline or at a poor angle your not going to get the same effect as you would going straight toward the hoop.

2. Set-Up

The Set-Up might be the most important component of the Euro step because this is really the Part that allows you to sell your defender in one direction.

I recommend with this Set up to both shows the ball and turn your shoulder while taking your gather step toward the hoop.

These things will make your defender really think you're going to shoot a layup in that direction when in reality you're setting yourself up for step 3.

3. Shifting Directions

Shifting directions in the Euro Step will usually happen during the first step after you sell your defender on the opposite way you will be going.

There are a couple of important factors when talking about shifting directions In the Euro Step.

Changing Speeds- To really shift your opponent in the other direction you really need to explode out of the second step.

Pro Tip: This can be very hard to execute but something that can help make these easier to perform is exercises like plyometrics.

And even more specifically a lateral bound. This exercise virtually replicates the movements you would use to do a Euro Step.

Staying Low- Staying low on your Euro Step is an important factor for keeping the ball safe from turnovers , and it is a great way to slip by your defender to create that space.

Pro Tip: This is also great for putting less load and stress on your knees and joints.

4. The Second Step

The second step or the finishing step is the step you will be taking to finish your move and go into your layup or shot attempt.

On the second step, you're really going to need to get used to landing and decelerating after the explosive first step you made.

You also want to be cognizant of where your defender is on the floor relative to where you are.

For example, in some situations, you're going to need to step away from your defender and in other situations, you're going to need to bump into your defender and create contact.

5. The Finish

The next step is finishing the basket. This might seem simple but when your going at this high of speeds and then suddenly decelerating this layup attempt can be very difficult.

That is why it is best to practice this move at a game speed so the finishing and the footwork can become more natural to you.

Other Tricks And Tips

Figure Out What Works Best For You- There are many different combos and ways to execute this move.

It is important to figure out what style of euro step best works for you that you feel comforatable using in competetive game scenerios.

Use Your Eyes- Usinf your eyes is a great effective way to really sell and fake out your opponent. Just make sure you match this with your body movements as well.

Learn Different Speeds- Sometimes a Euro Step Requires lots of different types of movements and speeds to get your shot off.

To practice this try and find a partner and have them throw different scenerios at you that you might face in a game situation.

Take a set up dribble before your Euro Step- What I mean by a set up dribble is a dribble that gets you in rythym to go into the shot attempt.

You see this could mean many different things for many different players.

Some players like a drop dribble, other like one hard dribble before theey go into it. It really all depends on you and what get you in rythym.

For example, notice below how James Harden uses a soft dribble to freeze his defender before going into his Euro Step.

Look For This Move In Transistion- This move is great in transistion because it allows you to keep your speed and momentum while giving you the correct control and space to score.

This should be a go to move for all players who like to get out and run in transition.

Use This To Set Teamates Up- This move is a great oppourtunity to set your teamates up with easy scores.

Because of how much space you can create with this move teams are naturally going to collapse on you, when they do that is your oppurtunity for easy assists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Avoid Travels When Doing A Euro Step?

Answer: I think the best way to avoid traveling on a Euro Step is being on balanced.

I have noticed the times where I have been called for travels the most while pefroming this move is when I am unbalanced.

Also another tip I would give is to talk to the refs about the call.

They are human too and a lot of the times a Euro Step can look like a travel even if it is not. If your called for a travel then let them know the rules and show them what you actually did.

How many steps can you take on a Euro Step?

Answer: Two just like any other type of layup attempt in basketball. But to be fair you do get a gather step before, which a lot of players get confused with.

You are allowed to take a gather step once you pick up the dribble because techincially the ball is not in your possesion yet.


The Euro Step has always been one of the funnest and most exciting moves in the sport.

It has the ability to pump up your team and embaras your defender if done right.

But it is no easy task to really master this move, that is why it will still take a lot of reps and practice before you start embarassing defenders like James Harden, and Manu Giniobli.

I hope this article gave you the nesassary tips and tricks to perform a Euro Step.

As always thank you for reading, and keep hooping my friends.

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