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5 Basketball Tips For Beginners

As a beginner, the sport of basketball can seem daunting and even frustrating when your first start out. With all the nuances and skills this simple and fun game can seem complicated and confusing.

That is why in this article I will be going over some basic tips as well as answering some basic questions you might be having when starting the game of basketball.

Tips To Starting Out In Basketball

1. Learn The Fundamentals

Fundamentals are the basic skills of basketball and are the foundation for basketball players to improve in their development.

Below I will give you some of the basic skills to learn in basketball as well as some links and tips to help improve each of those skills.

Basic Skills Of Basketball

To really learn and master the fundamentals of the game it is important to really master and practice each of the skills above.

You can practice these by doing workouts and exercises called drills. To do these drills go to a basketball court or hoop near you and follow drills and exercises which aim at getting you better by adding repetition into your workouts.

Remember by practicing more and more you develop muscle memory which is crucial in developing a great basketball player.

For some of the best beginner basketball drills, you can do check out the link here.

2. Play Pick Up Games

For any beginner one of the best ways to expose yourself to in-game scenarios and really practice your skills is by playing in more games and pick up basketball is a great way to do so.

Advantages to playing in pick up

  • Great way to practice your skills

  • A fun way to meet other basketball players

  • Great way to learn from more experienced players

  • great way to get your body used to the physical demands of playing basketball

3. Watch Other Players

Not only for beginners but any player looking to get better in basketball will greatly benefit from watching more basketball.

Watching more basketball whether that be youtube, tv, College, NBA, will help you see more experienced players and see what you can learn from them and implement into your game.

In fact, watching NBA players was something that really helped me personally develop some of my favorite moves that I go to regularly and still use today.

4. Get In Shape

Any experienced basketball player will tell you being in good basketball shape is totally different than being in just good shape in general.

This is because in basketball you not only have to be good at running long distances but you also have to get used to varying different speeds. For example, in basketball there going to be times where you're going to have to sprint and then job which is a totally different skill set than just running at a steady pace, or just sprinting.

To work on this I recommend players do H.I.I.T Workouts which are exercises that involve doing short intensity sprints with long slow cardio and various other types of speeds.

For more information on how to get in basketball shape fast check out the link here.

5. Become More Explosive

Because of the high-intensity nature of basketball to really be the best player you can be it helps to become a more explosive athlete who is capable of moving their body quickly in a given direction.

One great way of doing this is by doing exercises called plyometrics and weight training. Weight training helps you build that necessary muscle you will need to be the best athlete you can be while plyometrics will help develop your fast-twitch muscle fibers which are essential in abilities like running and jumping.


Strength Training

Upper Body Exercises

Leg Exercises

How Long Does It Take To Learn Basketball?

Learning some of the basic skills and fundamentals can take as short as 4-6 months if you practice a couple of times a week and play at least an hour during those days. But to really master a skill and fundamental can take years of continuous practice. This answer also can really vary depending on your athletic ability, practice time, and particular skill set you are trying to learn.

For example, learning to shoot from 3 is going to take a lot longer to learn than learning how to play defense.

For more information on how long it will take to learn basketball in each individual skillset check out the link here.

Is Basketball Hard To Learn?

Like anything in life, there are going to be some struggles at the very beginning of your basketball journey. But as you progress, practice, and keep getting better basketball slowly becomes easier and more fun as you learn. Of course, there will always be more skills to learn but as a whole, the basics and fundamentals of it become easier and easier.

Pro Tip: One thing you will see as you progress in basketball is even though the skills might become easier the competition and who you play will still be challenging no matter how many years you play.

Can I Learn Basketball Alone?

Absolutely, there are plenty of drills, and workouts you can do by yourself that will greatly improve your ability as a whole. In fact, some of the main skills like shooting and dribbling can easily be practiced alone and greatly improved on.

Now I must admit certain skill sets like defense and passing will be easier to practice with a friend or a teammate but you can still do things to improve on them even by yourself.

As you advance through your basketball career it will be beneficial to go against defenses and competition so you get used to using your skills against other players and not just by yourself.

What Age Is Too Late To Play Basketball?

It is never too late to start basketball. Basketball like any sport should be played because you love it and want to have fun. There is no age limit to enjoying a game like a basketball.

How Many Hours A Day Should I Play Basketball?

This all depends on your goal, if you are a beginner and want to get better faster, then try aiming for 2 hours a day 4-5 times a week. If you're trying to become a professional then you probably want to practice 2-3 hours a day 5-6 times per week. Or if you are just a player who wants to have fun then play as much as you would like.

For more information on how much you should train in basketball check out the link here.


Basketball at the end of the day is a fun sport that can be very enjoyable, don't worry too much if you have problems at the beginning of your basketball journey it will become easier.

Thank you for reading and as always keep hooping my friends

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