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(4 Tips And Tricks) How To Shoot A Bank Shot In Basketball

The bank shot is a lost art in the modern game of basketball. While so many players overlook the bank shot, they forget the benefits it could have on their game.

The bank shot does not always have to be a shot on the perimeter. Shooting a bank shot can make a lot of different shots much easier like, layups, post hooks, and even fadeaways.

To shoot a bank shot effectively you need to be able to understand angles, know your spots, and have a soft touch.

1. Understand Angles

Now when understanding angles this comes down to two things, your court positioning, and what angle to throw the ball off the backboard.

-Court Positioning

Now with the bank shot, there are going to be certain positions on the court you're going to have to be at to even take the bank shot.

One of those positions is on the sides of the basket,

If you were thinking of a court like a clock then taking a bank shot at around 2-4 o'clock would be the best time to attempt a bank shot.

That is because it gives you the best shooting angle on your shot.

Understanding Where To Shoot The Ball

Now obviously you will hear from coaches over and over again to aim for the corner of the square when shooting a bank shot.

And while this can be great advice one factor they are leaving out is the arch on your shot.

For example, if you are shooting a ball with more power and a lower arch then you want to ball to land lower on the backboard than if you were shooting it higher and with more arch.

2. Rythym

Now another key part in mastering the bank is having good rhythm going into the shot.

Now, this could mean a lot of different things depending on what works for you.

For example, some people like to take a dribble before their bank, or some other people like to take a jab step in the mid-post before their shot.

Whatever it is this is something you have to figure out and work on when you're practicing this shot.

3. Touch

Now touch can mean a lot of different things, most players when thinking about touch only think about it in terms of softness when shooting the ball.

But frankly, the reality of it is that with touch you need to be able to shoot a bank in a myriad of different ways.

For example, sometimes you're going to need to shoot it a little harder off the backboard, other times you need to be able to lift the ball and get the right arch.

When studying and perfecting the bank shot these are the kinda things you need to be working on and implementing.

4. Practice

With practicing banks there are a few different ways you need to go about this.

-Practicing at Game Speeds

If you ever want to be a player who can successfully make this type of shot under pressure then your practice and training should reflect that.

This comes down to your layups, floaters, and mid posts shots. Or any other type of shot you would take a bank shot in.

-Practice different circumstances

With the bank shot, there are many different types of shots you will have to take.

Like I said earlier you need to practice the different angles you might need to shoot it at, or even the spots on the floor you might take it on.

Just make sure you're covering all your bases when practicing this style of shooting.

-Watch Film

While the bank shot might be a lost art, there are plenty of old youtube videos of great players who used this shot.

Learn from them and see what you can implement in your game.

A great example of this would be Tim Duncan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bank shot a higher percentage shot?

Answer: In my experience, this all depends on the area of the court you are at.

For example, on layups and any shot on the sides of the basket, I would say yes it can help. But for anywhere else on the court then I would say that would be a lower percentage shot.

Why Don't The Pros Use The BackBoard?

Answer: The pros actually use the backboard but not in the way people think.

If you look closely at almost all layup attempts, and a good percentage of post fades, and floaters, the pros actually do use the backboard quite a bit actually.


The bank shot has seemed like a lost art in the modern game of basketball. But as you can see there are still a lot of areas on the court where the bank is still open.

I hope this article gave you the necessary tricks and tips to improve your bank shot.

Thank you for reading and as always keep hooping my friends.

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