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3 Tips And Trick To Be More Consistent In Basketball

Being consistent in basketball can be the difference between your average player and your elite player. But it is an issue that plagues so many players, especially in basketball.

To be more consistent in basketball, you need to have the right practice routine, pregame routine, and also have a great mindset, in order to be a consistent player your team can rely on. In this article I will be breaking down some tricks and tips you will need to be a more consistent basketball player.

1. Practicing The Right Way

When I say practicing the right way I mean, practicing stuff that you will use in games,or on the court vs other player.

below I will give you basic principles, like practicing game speed, practicing your same technique, and getting enough reps in.

Practicing Game Speed- This is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your consistency in basketball. This is because you are actually preparing yourself for the type of play you will face against other competition.

Its rare to see players struggling with consistency in practice by them self, because they usually have many reps and are used to practicing at that speed. But a reason they might struggle so much in games or even in pick up, is because there practice is not nearly as quick as the pace of play, they face in game scenarios, against other players. A lot of great players will even practice at higher speeds than they face in competition, because that way, the game will seem easier than practice.

Just remember to practice as hard as you would in games if not harder. I am not saying there is no room for slow practice, that emphasizes technique and timing but all players should incoperate more high intensity here and there.

Practicing the same technique- Whether it be shooting, dribbling, or even your defensive stance, in order to be more consistent you have to get enough reps and practice at that same technique. So many players wonder why they cannot seem to be consistent with there game, but the truth of the matter is that there changing up there game so much, that they cannot get the required reps that are needed for more consistent play.

While there are times where you might need to tweak some things out, I never recommend changing your hole shot or game, especially if you are a more experienced player. Obviously you are comfortable with your shot so its important to stick with what you and your body like to do. Everyone always wants the grass to be greener but practicing the style that your are the most comfortable with and like the most is your best bet to being more consistent in basketball.

Pro Tip: If you really have a broken technique or have a major deficiency in your game than obviously fix that as well, because that can effect your consistency too. Just be sure that its something that your comfortable with , and you know the risks and rewards to changing up your game like this.

2. Having The Same Pregame Routine

This is a little pro tip that I have seen really improve a players constancy in basketball. This is as much a physical thing as much as a mental.

The mental side of this is that having a go to pregame routine can put you in the right mindset and have your body, mind, and spirit prepared for your next game, or even scrimmage in your local gym.

A reason a good routine can also help your consistency is because it allows you to get off to a better start in your games or scrimmages. And we all know as basketball players that when you see the ball go in at the beginning of the game, that it can make the whole game go much smoother and more effortless.

For More Information and advice on a pregame routine check out the link below

3. Mindset

This can be a pretty big topic so I will be breaking it down to a couple mental tricks and tips you can use to improve your consistency in basketball. Frankly this is a main reason most players struggle so much with there consistency.

Dont Limit Yourself- Remember just because your not shooting well does not mean you cannot be consistently a good impactful player on the floor.

There is so much more too the game then just your individual stats and individual performance. A key rebound, a great defensive play, or even a great screen can impact a game just as much as scoring 20 points in a game. While it might not be the most glamorous thing in the world, dont put yourself in a box and limit your self to what you can be and do on the court.

Focus on your team vs your performance- I know what your thinking, " I didnt search how to be more consistent in basketball not to learn about how I can perform better on the court". But the reason I bring this mindset up is because this actually is more mental than anything and can really help you be more consistent in all your games.

A reason this can help your performance and consistency is because by focusing on the team, you naturally put less pressure on yourself while naturally being a better teammate in the process. By putting less pressure on yourself this allow you to be more relaxed and not put too much importance on each play and circumstance that might arise in a game. Which in turn will allow you to be more consistant in any basketball game you play in.

Learn To Let GO!!- Remember we are all human and far from perfect. Even the best basketball players struggle from time to time. But a big important factor in being more consistent in basketball is to let go of the past, not just game to game but even play to play. Holding on to your failures as well as your successes is not a good way too be more constant since your are not focused on the here in now.

A great way to practice, and learn to let go is by forgiving yourself and learning from your failures or success. This is because this allows you to step back and be more rational instead of emotional. You can use this too improve and come back the next game better than ever before.

Other Questions About Consistency

How Do I Improve My Shooting Consistency In Basketball- Like I have said shooting consistency comes down to your mentality and practice. If your are comfortable with your shot then getting more reps might be needed. Other basic things you can do is to attack and drive to the rim at the beginning of the game. This allows you to open up your shot more, and give you some more confidence, by seeing the ball go into the hoop. But like anything see what works best for you, but most importantly get your mental game on point as well as your practice and repetition.

Conclusion- Basketball is a game of ups and down and always remember that your biggest failures do not define you as a player. I hope this article could give you some insight on why you might be struggling with your consistency in games. Like always thank you and keep hooping my friends.

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