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10 Best Post Moves In Basketball

The post is one of the best areas in basketball to get easy baskets for your team.

The post can be utilized by both guards and by big men and should be an area of great focus if you want to be a more versatile scorer on the court, especially if you have a size mismatch.

Below I will be going over simple and effective moves you can use to score more in the post. Both in the mid-post and the low post.

1. Drop step

A drop step is used when you want to score close to the basket, while also sealing your defender off to get an easier layup attempt.

How To Do It

To effectively do a drop step you need to get your foot to go outside and around your defender's foot.

Once this is done you need to spin to the side where you sealed your defender off and shoot your layup or dunk attempt.

When you do this make sure you initiate contact on your shot attempt. This allows you to keep your defender less mobile, while also making it harder for them to block your shot.

Shaq was a great example of a big man who used this move very effectively. So if you are a bigger more physical player who has a size advantage then this should be a go-to move for you in the post.

Below is a great video demonstration of how to do this move.

2. Post Hook

This shot can be very difficult to master, but can also be a rewarding pursuit since it is such a hard shot to block and you can virtually get it off whenever you like.

How To Do It

Start by getting into the low block and getting relatively closer to the basket.

Get to a spot you feel comfortable shooting your post hook.

To shoot a post hook you need to put the ball directly above your head or just slightly behind.

To shoot it you need to use one hand, and use your hand and index finger to guide the ball into the basket.

Pro Tip: Some players like to jump in the air while there shooting the post hook, whereas some players like to stay more stationary.

I recommend seeing what works for you. But if you are a really athletic player with a higher vertical, then it will be in your best interest to practice jumping high in the air while taking this shot.

Here is a video representation of the post hook.

3. Sky Hook

While the skyhook has seemed virtually non-existent since Kareem I still feel like I had to put it in there since one of the best scorers of all time used this move effectively.

How To Do It

The Skyhook is very similar to the jump hook, but instead of shooting the ball directly above your head, you will need to shoot it behind your head about 3o degrees.

Also instead of having your palms facing toward the basket on a jump hook, you will need to have your palms facing upwards for a skyhook.

This allows you to properly hold the ball and get the right arc on the shot.

4. Post Fade

The post-fade is a great post move because it allows you to quickly get your shot off in almost any situation.

If you are a player who is comfortable taking a two-motion shot and fadeaways then this might be the post-move for you.

Pro Tip: This move is also great for the mid-post area and was a go-to post move for guys like Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

How To Do It

To do this move you need to first off have your back to the basket, and be in a well-balanced shooting position.

Then you need to fade away from the basket and shoot your shot.

You can shoot your fadeaway in many different ways.

Below I will be giving the type of fadeaways and which one might be right for you.

One motion

This is a style of fadeaway you see from players like Dirk, and Nikola Jokic.

The hardest part of the fadeaway is getting your shooting shoulder aligned with the rim while your turning to face the hoop.

So to do this effectively on the low block make sure you align your shooting shoulder before you take your shot.

You can do this by making sure you turn into the correct shooting pocket while you are releasing your shot.

This type of fade away can be great for taller leaner players because it allows you to get good touch on the ball, and your height will help you get the shot off as well.

Two Motion

This is a fadeaway you see from guys like Micheal Jordan And Kobe Bryant and is usually used most in the mid-post area of the court.

To shoot this fadeaway you need to be able to shoot the ball while you're already in the air.

Hence the name two motion shot.

The hard part about a two-motion fadeaway jumper is that you will have to align your shooting shoulder in the middle of the air instead of the ground.

This type of fadeaway can take a lot of strength and power and is something I only recommend to stronger or more athletic players.

Below is a great video showing you how to shoot a post fadeaway like Micheal Jordan Or Kobe Bryant.

5. Face Up

The face-up can be done effectively both in the mid-post and low post. And can be a great move to throw your defender off and give them different looks as the game goes on.

Tim Duncan was a master at this and would use his face up to turn around and hit his patented bank shot.

How To Do It

To effectively do this move you first need to start by pivoting around and facing the basket.

As you face up you have a couple of different options you can go to if you want to attack your defender.

Jab And Shoot

One of the easiest things to do especially in the mid-range is to jab at your opponent and then shoot the ball.

A jab works great in the mid-post because it can make your defender back up, allowing you to take your shot.

Carmelo Anthony was great at using the jab to create space and get his shot off.


When posting up we do not think about driving to the hoop as the main option. But if you face up toward the rim this can be a great way to get closer to the hoop and score especially if you are a little smaller and have a speed advantage.

You can also combine many other moves when your driving toward the rim on the block or midrange.

You can pump fake your defender, jab and go, and even do a quick spin move or crossover. It's all up to you.

When facing up to the basket you have many options while it might not be a move in itself it sure opens up all areas of the court for you to attack.

6. Up And Under

The up and under is one the prettiest moves in basketball when it is done right. Players like Kevin Mchale and Hakeem used this move to school defenders and get easy points for their team.

How To Do It

Up and under starts with you being close to the hoop with your back to the basket.

You want to make sure you catch the ball on a hop so you have both feet to pivot from, and so you do not get called for a travel call.

Next, you need to take either one dribble and move your pivot foot out away from your body and act like you are about to take a shot.

After that, you need to show the ball and act like you are about to take a layup or shot attempt.

When your defender bites you then pivot through and take your layup attempt.

Pro Tip: A key to making this move work is really selling your shot and making your defender think you are going to take that shot.

That is why it is always best to use this move if you just hit a post-shot like a post hook, or fade away because that will really make your defender think that you are going to shoot that again.

7. Back Down

This might be the simplest and easiest move in basketball. This move will work great for any player with a size or strength advantage.

How To Do It

To do this move all you need to do is back up into your opponent and shoot over them.

Make sure you initiate contact and go into your opponent on your layup or dunk attempt.

I only recommend players to do this if they are much bigger and stronger than your opponent and have a big size advantage.

That is why it is important to do this move quickly and effectively because most likely the opposition is going to send help and double teams once they see your size advantage.

This is bully ball at its finest and while it might seem like a simple move and strategy sometimes the simplest easiest thing is the best thing.

Pro Tip: This is also a lot easier if you have a good post position and get the ball closer to the basket. This will make it quicker and easier to get into a scoring position.

Giannis is a great example of someone who uses his size advantage to bully guys and get easy shots down low.

8. "Shimmy Shake"

This move is a counter to your post fade and can be a quick move to get your defender off-balanced and more room for you to shoot and score.

How To Do It

To start this move you need to move your shoulder to either your left or right side and then quickly pivot around and shoot your shot on the other side.

This move works better if you take a dribble or two to get yourself in rhythm and keep your defender more off-balanced.

You also need to make sure you do this move quickly and really sell your shoulders so your defender thinks you are going to one side.

One easy way to fake out your defender, even more, is by moving your head, hips, and ball along with your shoulder.

9. Spin Move

The spin move can be done in a variety of ways. But no doubt it is a great move especially if your defender is playing up close and trying to initiate contact with you.

How To Do It

Below I will list the two most effective ways I see a spin move work in the post.

Quick Spin Move

A quick spin move is when you spin right when you get the ball.

To really make this work you need to make sure you get your whole body on their hips or on one side of their body.

This allows you to seal your defender off and make it hard for them to contest your shot without fouling you.

Make sure you do this to do it very sparingly, and only throw this out there once or twice in a game.

This move is designed to surprise and shock your opponent, and if you do this every possession then it will not be a surprise for them anymore.

Contact spin

The contact spin is when you use your body leverage to initiate contact with your opponent and then spin around for a shot.

The same fundamentals apply to the quick spin, but this time you are going to go into your opponent and then make your spin move.

Make sure when you do initiate contact to not extend your arm and instead use your shoulder to bump into your opponent to create space.

Pro Tip: I have noticed this tends to work best when you face the basket instead of having your back to the basket.

10. Pull Up

While we might not think of a pull-up as a traditional post move the fact is this type of shot is an excellent way for a player to get off shots in tight spaces.

How To Do It

A pull-up in the post can be done anytime you see a defender cut you off when you are driving to the basket.

Some key tips with the pull-up are to make sure your defender is on his back foot, and you're on balance when you go up for your pull-up jumper.

This ensures your able to get the ball off over your defender and so you give yourself the best chance to make your shot.

Kyrie is a great example of someone who uses a pull-up in the post.

While it might seem like he is shooting a fadeaway, a lot of the time he is just swaying his shoulders back so he can get the optimal touch on the ball.

Combos Tips

Remember it is important to note that you can use all these moves in tandem together.

For example, you can use your jab, along with your fadeaway, and spin move it does not always have to be a linear move.

This list of moves was just a baseline to give you an idea of some of the things you should be working on to be a great player in the post.

Basketball is an art and your moves and combo are all up to you and what you are comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the most basic post-move?

Answer: The most basic post-move I would suggest a beginner learn is either the drop step or backdown.

This is because this move does not involve too much touch or skill and more relies on your physicality going to the basket.

Question: What would be the best post move for a smaller player?

Answer: Either a face-up and drive move from the mid-post or a skyhook.

A face-up is great for smaller players because it allows you to use your ability of speed against your opponent.

While a skyhook is great because it is a very difficult shot to block which is beneficial for smaller post players.

You can also substitute a skyhook with a running hook if you like.

Question: How can I practice these post moves?

Answer: An easy way to practice post moves is by playing one on one vs your teammates or friends.

You can do this by playing the game only in the post while also practicing new post moves you would like to work on.


As you can see there are many different post moves to choose from and work on.

Remember to do these effectively, you still need to give yourself time to practice and perfect your game in the post.

Let me know what your favorite post moves are and what move you would like to perfect in your game.

Thank you for reading and as always keep hooping my friends.

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